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Athlete-driven brand with solutions for all aspects of the active and outdoor lifestyle.

Committed to quality in all of our products from therapeutic CBD to reef-safe sunscreen.

Our extracts start with 100% U.S.-grown hemp in all CBD products.

Reviews by People, Just Like You

I love this pre workout. It makes working out feel good and doesn't cause jitters. Also, very affordable! Less than 45 cents per serving. Highly recommend it!

I’m very fond of the muscle balms, because I can apply to a specific area to treat discomfort – versus taking pain relievers, which don’t have the same localized effect. I enjoy the natural ingredients and the cold surging sensation.

Every athlete should have this on hand. Pains and aches can inhibit me physically and mentally from competing at my best, and this product takes the edge off.

I use this sunscreen year-round, daily. My subject line says it all, but to reiterate: I trust NAAWK sunscreen 100% and love that it rubs in, lasts long, is mostly sweat/water resistant, and smells GREAT.

This is the best pre-workout supplement I've ever dared try. I'm not the type of person who takes supplements without a little research, and this passed my standards. And I must say, it's very effective, too.

#DoOutsideStuff // @NAAWK