Jared Shumate - Nordic Skier

Jared Shumate


My name is Jared Shumate and I am a professional skier on the US Nordic Combined National Team. I grew up in the outdoor sports mecca of Park City, Utah and thankfully still get to call this place home. I started alpine skiing when I was two years old and found the sport of Nordic combined when I was nine. It took about four times of going off the ski jump for me to fall in love with the sport and it has been my passion ever since I started. I qualified for the US Ski Team in 2018 and making the jump to the National Team-level only increased my motivation and drive to improve in my sport.

Nordic combined has given me the opportunity to travel the world and experience other cultures at a young age, and I am super thankful for the opportunities that I have had. I get to spend about 4 ½ months of the winter travelling throughout Europe for competitions, as well as a few months throughout the summer for training camps, and I really love being able to experience other parts of the world through my sport. I have been able to run, roller ski, and ski jump in some pretty amazing places throughout the world and wouldn’t have had those opportunities without Nordic Combined.

While the competitive side of Nordic combined only involves Nordic ski jumping and cross country skiing, my training includes running, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, backcountry skiing, gym workouts, and roller skiing. Being able to use other activities to cross-train for my sport has allowed me to develop a real love for the outdoors. Having the ability to go for a run in the Wasatch, or a hike/ski in the Uintas, and spend hours outside every week skiing and biking has made me super passionate about being outdoors, and that is a passion that I will continue to have long after I retire from professional skiing.

In addition to skiing, I am also a student at the University of Utah Honors College. I am studying Geography, Environmental Science, and (maybe) Sociology. I spent two years on campus as a full-time student, but given my hectic travel schedule, I now take most of my classes online. Since I only take 1-2 classes per semester, it may take me a few extra years to graduate, but being able to knock out classes while I am competing has been an opportunity that I am trying to take full advantage of.

Some recent results:
- 9th Place, 2019 World Junior Championships, 10km (Lahti, FIN)
- 45th Place, 2019 Nordic World Championships, 10km (Seefeld, AUT)
- 10th Place, 2019 Nordic World Championships Team Relay, 4x5km (Seefeld, AUT)
- 6th Place, Continental Cup, 10km (Steamboat Springs, CO)
- 1st Place, 2017 Red Bull 400 (Park City, UT)
- 3rd Place, 2018 Red Bull 400 (Copper Peak, MI and Park City, UT)
- 6th Place, 2018 Brighton Cirque Series, Pro Category (Brighton, UT)


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