Jules Parke

Jules Parke


An Alaskan girl at heart, I love the cold and the dark, and I love the sun even more. I was born and raised in Anchorage, and the lessons I learned growing up there will always resonate through my core. The winter sun would barely pop over the towering Chugach Mountain Range during the height of winter, yet the summer nights were nearly eternal as the sun barely skimmed the surface of the horizon. I would spend my summer nights fishing for trout with friends using homemade flies made from random garage scraps, or we might dive into the ice cold glacial lake to see who could withstand it the longest. Often times, I couldn’t leave my house to walk to school because a family of moose would make camp in my yard. Parents would stand at the bottom of the ski hill after a race to put our jackets on after speeding through a -40 degree chill. Alaska makes you tough, to say the least, and it gives you the opportunity to push your limits and learn how to endure. I have been a ski racer my whole life, and a die hard adventure seeker. From hiking and biking to Nordic and alpine skiing, my adventure repertoire is vast and ready to rip. I attend the University of Utah majoring in psychology and aim to be a pilot in the U.S. Air Force through the ROTC program. I also continue to shred with the University of Utah Club Ski Team, where I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up some first place beer steins here and there. NAAWK keeps me sheltered from all of the harsh sun and snow conditions in my life, and the athletic rub feels like heaven at the end of a huge outing. I’m pumped to be here, so come adventure with me!




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