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Born in a small town in Northern Michigan, my parents thought it would be a good idea to to put some garage-sale skis on my feet (when I was 5 years old) in hopes that they finally found a way to release all my energy. Little did they know that learning how to ski allowed me to see all the other kids ski "racing." And it's all downhill from there (pun intended). I immediately fell in love with the sport of ski racing and the next 10 years of my families lives would change remarkably. I knew at a young age that my dream was always to become a professional ski racer and when I was 15 years old my dream really started to come to life as my family and I moved to Utah so I could ski race for a prestigious ski academy. After I graduated the Ski Academy High-School I decided to take a post-graduate year to continue perusing my passion for ski racing in hopes to make the U.S Ski Team or a Division 1 College Ski Team. During this year when I didn't go to school, I solely focused on training, conditioning, mentally and physically preparing, and working hard for the upcoming ski season. I skied for Snowbird Sports Education Foundation and my love and excitement for skiing grew beyond racing but for skiing in all its elements. Free skiing, powder skiing, backcountry skiing, summer skiing... but most importantly I respected and appreciated being in the mountains. It was skiing and being outdoors on a whole new level for me. After that year, I accomplished my goal when I got accepted into Westminster College, a NCAA Division 1 Ski Team, and currently go to school and ski race there. Not only is ski racing my passion but so is free skiing, backcountry skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, camping, and extreme adventuring. I love being in the mountains, escaping the city life and connecting with the outdoors... and its even more fun when you have friends that are also very passionate about the things you do too!


Fun Facts

I have a big sweet tooth: Chocolate and Ice Cream are my favorite desserts.

I make scrambled eggs almost everyday. Coffee is a must!

I am the youngest and only American-born skier on my ski team at Westminster (The rest of my team is from Europe including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia).

I love playing soccer.

I do Cross-Fit and Olympic lifting when training for ski season.

I love singing, dancing, and making people laugh.

I make really good fruit smoothies.

I play the ukulele.

I am a painter and artist.


I am a red-head with very pale skin so NAAWK helps keep my skin protected when I am doing what I love!

My favorite place to ski is Alta and Snowbird on epic powder days.

I love being around people and making new friends.

My favorite post-skiing food is pizza.


Instagram: @madisonnnrose "If your not doing what you love...What are you doing?"
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