Sam Bertolino - Runner

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I am just a regular guy in my mind, no different from anyone else. It is what I do that makes me different. I am an adventurer, runner and triathlete. I have a thirst for all things endurance. I have a need to see how far I can go, where I can go and challenge myself. It all started with a run around the neighborhood, then a 13.1, triathlon series, Ironman, trails to ultras and then to mountain ultras. I never thought I would have collected as many awesome experiences, race bibs, trucker hats, miles, pairs of shoes, DFLs or DNFs as I have. Not bad for a kid that lives and trains in the flattest state ever. That’s a real challenge when training for mountain ultras. That is basically how it all started and how it continues to go. Ever since I started this journey one aspect remains the same. I will always challenge and push myself for the experience and the adventure. I am always amazed at where I am, doing what I do and what it took to get there.

Those thoughts are always followed by “what is next?” Some of these times have been total misadventures, forgetting gear and nutrition, spending 24 hours in the mountains and stopping at a restaurant during a 50 mile race, using whiskey to clean a cut in the desert, using buffs for mittens. Nothing like on the fly ingenuity. When I am not on a” Runcation”, crewing or” Race Heckling” I am searching for new adventures, training animals and hanging out. So where are we off to next?


Instagram: @sambb18
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